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The Institute of Medical Boards

Many of our theories are based on the extremely effective model created in 1981 by Dr. Robert Blanc. Working from Dr. Blanc’s successful platform, which was initially launched at the University Of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC),  the faculty have become proficient at strategies that assist students in: mastering the ability to answer board-style questions correctly, improve study skills for long term memory, and enhance concentration which is essential for working on an eight or nine hour examination.

Through our experience, we have solidified the insight that passing the USMLE/COMLEX is not only based on the material students have learned in medical school, but there is a realm of other aspects that come into play when answering multiple choice questions.

To be effective on the board examinations, students need to master the necessary skills of interdisciplinary techniques that are beneficial to test-takers. Thus, we developed an incomparable Method© that assists students in utilizing their reasoning skills, knowledge base, critical thinking, and integration when working board-style questions. This is truly the key to success.

In order to achieve top board scores, a thorough understanding of board-style question interpretation and thought processing is a must in preparation for USMLE and COMLEX. We teach these skills.

We are honored to offer you a program that continues to evolve, flourish, and to enable you, our student, to acquire abilities that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Testimonial from a Student:

“To my dear colleagues looking for help with board exams, but especially those battling test anxiety.

I have been in your shoes! You may think you’ve “tried everything” as I did, but this program is different. IOMB is unique from anything else out there in the market, and I give it my highest recommendation.
I increased my test score by over 100 points with IOMB in a matter of weeks. The “method” was what got me through Step 3 despite my terrible test anxiety. It’s not that the anxiety went away; it just wasn’t triggered since I knew I would be taking the test with an organized plan of attack. I knew just what to do with each question, even the tough ones! I can’t tell you how much that set my mind at ease, from the moment when I walked into the test center until I drove home. I’ve never walked away from a high-stakes exam with that level of confidence that I had done well.
My only regret is that I didn’t have the method for the other Steps! Before IOMB, I honestly thought I had tried everything to battle my chronic test anxiety, including other review programs. I now believe that the other programs are fine if you just need a bulk review of material. However, to do one’s best at these high-stakes exams, there are many other ways to enhance your preparation.
IOMB is different, because they understand this whole picture approach, and they deliver all possible facets of exam preparation and support in addition to the material review. Upon arrival in Kansas City, I was treated as an individual, and with kindness. I felt immediately that the whole staff was genuinely rooting for me, and willing to aid me toward exam success. I would recommend IOMB’s team of experts highly to anyone seeking an individualized program, with consideration of every angle of test prep–even advice on what to eat for breakfast!
My thanks to IOMB from a newly licensed physician. Great job!”


Success Stories

The Method taught me how to access the analytical part of my mind and not just how to regurgitate facts.

Peter from NYC

I just wanted to thank everyone for providing the tools to prepare for the COMLEX level 2.  I did take my exam and I am so happy to report that I passed my exam with a great score (I went up 230 points!)  I think the program is a great program and after my previous failure I am so relieved, so happy and just simply elated.  I was numb for a couple of days until it finally hit me that I in fact did pass.  Without a doubt, the method does work.  I will testify to that.  So expect to see me for Step 3 review.

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