Step 1

The first step to achieving your best score for the residency of your choice.



Step 2

From Wards to Boards. Time to get your thoughts back to theory.



Step 3

Hang in there - it is the last one.



  • 1. I took an NBME/COMSAE and it gave me a predictive score of passing. Should I still attend your program?

    Our work is known for the way we help students analyze board questions by using our Method©. Students report that this Method© has helped them answer questions with more accuracy, even the most challenging questions they probably would have missed before. With residency spots having tighter competition, getting the highest possible score you can, is a really good idea. Knowing how to answer the questions when using our Method© can help you achieve this.

  • 2. I failed Step 1 twice and I’ve taken other review courses prior to each failure. How does your course differ from lecture based review programs?

    This program centers on how to approach and analyze questions. Other programs are lecture based and do not teach techniques that (1) help you recognize distractors in questions and (2) identify key points that lead to the right answer; (3) have a protocol/method that helps you pick the right answer when you are stuck between two answers.

  • 3. What does your program offer in terms of lectures?

    IOMB does not offer lectures for numerous reasons. One is that students only retain 10 - 20% of passive learning, (lectures), after two weeks. Another reason is that we want to know that you know the material and if we are doing the lecture and you walk out of the room at the end of it we still don't know if you know it or not, and actually neither do you, until such time that you are tested on it. Therefore we designed our very skilled SBSI ®  sessions (active learning, integrated learning technique, and spatial learning approach) to replace lecture and it is during these sessions that we fill in knowledge gaps. 

  • 4. If you do not have lectures, how do we review the material?

    Our program is designed by PhDs, MDS, and Learning Specialists. Together these professionals targeted the best way of learning, for not only memory retention, but more importantly for the understanding and integration of concepts. See answers to questions 3 and 5 for more information. 

  • 5. My friend came to this program and said she learned a lot through your System Based Supplemental Instruction® component of your program. She told me that the way you teach this really helped her to remember the material. How do you do that?

    We know that students can leave a lecture room with many misunderstandings; and we also know that students only retain 10 - 20 % of the information if it is presented as passive learning: i.e. lecture. Therefore, we believe in the effectiveness of tactile and cognitive learning. This enables students to store information into long-term memory and to thoroughly understand the concepts. Students review the information 3 times over in a 48 – 72 hour period, using different angles and approaches to the information for deeper learning and assimilation purposes. See Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 schedules for more detail on IOMB's System Based Supplemental Instruction (SBSI®). 


  • 6. I have never been a good test taker and I need an approach on how to work through test questions. Will IOMB's Method© help me?

    IOMB's Evidence-Based Method© in answering questions gives students a strategy to use not only in the exam they are preparing for but in all future board exams and shelf exams. Students report that they managed even the most challenging questions on exam day because they used IOMB's Method©.  Our Method© empowers students as it enables them to be in control of the question, which in turn, diminishes test anxiety. 

  • 7. I am always running out of time on the exam. What do you suggest I do?

    IOMB educates students on many test-taking skills and one of them is training students how to pace themselves with accurate timing when answering questions in order to complete their exam blocks within the allocated time frame. We are also aware that on exam day sometimes students feel overwhelmed with some questions and this could result in slowing down their pace, hence they get to the end of the block and realize they still have quite a few questions to answer and don't have enough time to answer them all. Therefore, we also teach a technique that students utilize in order to complete the block within a reduced amount of time.  Knowing how to time correctly during the exam is crucial to getting high scores.

  • 8. I am not sure why all the friends I studied with passed the exam and I did not. I have as much knowledge about medicine as they do. What is wrong with me?

    There are many reasons why students are not successful on the exam. We do a diagnosis of each student during our program as to why they miss questions, especially if they know the material. Among the many variables (not subject strengths and weaknesses) we test for, we look for error patterns and we determine how students process information when they read and answer board-type questions. And so we begin with a diagnosis and development of an individual study plan for each student.

  • 9. I suffer from test anxiety. Does your course offer any help in this area?

    Yes, our Wellness Program is state of the art! IOMB sheds light on how to cope with the stress and demands not only for your upcoming board exam but also for your lifestyle as you continue with your career and the long working hours required for physicians. IOMB's Wellness coach has performed workshops at many Medical Schools across the country and abroad. 

  • 10. How do you assess if I am making progress and if I am ready for the exam?

    IOMB provides students with a Progress Book as well as a daily planner in order to monitor their day-to-day progress and their Wellness state. Furthermore, our programs offer multiple full-day mock board exams as well as individual post-mock board meetings with our faculty. During these meetings, we assess not only students' strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas but many other variables as well: i.e. their thought pattern when they are stuck between two answer choices and they selected the wrong one, timing, concentration, anxiety, endurance and so on.



  • 11. Where do you suggest I stay when I come to your program?

  • 12. What is the name of the Kansas City airport?

    Kansas City spans over two states, Kansas and Missouri. Class is held on the Kansas side and the airport is located on the Missouri side. The airport code is MCI. It is about a 35 to 40 minute ride from the airport to the hotel. 

  • 13. What do I need to bring to the program?

    All students are required to have a laptop and a mouse for their laptop. Step 1 students are to provide a First Aid textbook and Step 2 students are required to bring their textbook(s) of choice. A positive attitude, eager to learn and work efficiently and productively is always welcomed! 

  • 14. What are the hours of the program each day, and do we have class on weekends?

    IOMB's classes start at 8 AM Monday through Friday and conclude between 3 - 3:30 PM (subject to change). Students are required to complete the assigned homework every day. We do offer a suggested homework schedule for your convenience. Saturdays are reserved for mock-board exams and students are expected to review their mock-board exams on Sundays (subject to change). If you have religious requirements that prevent you from taking a mock-board exam on Saturdays we are able to accommodate this. 

  • 15. What should I know before I sign up?

    IOMB is not expected to reeducate students on the entire medical school curriculum (during a 6 week Step 1 program it is impossible to cover two years worth of the Basic Sciences in the same depth as medical schools. The same rationale applies to the other steps with an even less IOMB program time frame).  Instead, IOMB is a board review program structured to emphasize significant high-yield material and optimize the way students' apply their knowledge in the context of the USMLE/COMLEX examinations.

    IOMB is deeply invested in assisting, guiding and teaching our students at our 37+ years track record of mastery level. And like all successful relationships in life, when one party gives 100% dedication, the other party is expected to give 100% in return in order to achieve the best results. Therefore, IOMB requires students to take full ownership of their education (we cannot study for you) and to fully grasp the concept of what they put in, that is what they will reap. 


  • 16. What guarantee do you offer?

    As life has taught us, there are no guarantees. We never know what the future will bring and how circumstances can change a course even with all the best intentions.  Let's put this in perspective: when a patient is diagnosed with cancer (or any other disease) and they ask, "Will the chemo treatment plan cure me?" how should the physician approach the answer? As physicians, we propose the best treatment we know of, we hope for a cure for all our patients, we offer them our prime efforts to help them heal, but can we offer them a guarantee? Sadly, no. When a patient wants a guarantee that they will have a normal delivery, we can't guarantee that because we know complications may occur and a C-section may have to take place. 

    At IOMB, while we can't guarantee a certain board-score score, we can, however, affirm that we will do our utmost to "prescribe the best treatment" that we know of in offering you a mastery level of preparation for your exam. 


  • 17. I want to test in Kansas City, where are the Prometic centers?

    College Blvd. 

    Lee's Summit



  • 18. Why don't you provide us with text books?

    Students are already overwhelmed with all the text books they purchased during Medical School and they seriously don't need to add to that. There is nothing more we can give you in print form than what you already have. (The cardiac cycle looks the same in every text book). We will issue you a Progress Book (to monitor your daily progress), and a Workbook because we use these on a daily basis. You are welcome to bring any of your favorite texts with you to the program. Don't bring all - just two or three at the most.
  • 19. What is your refund/reschedule policy?


    IOMB understands in all of our lives we have unexpected incidents that may occur and many times out of our control. IOMB requires notification as soon as possible if there is a change in your plans.  We want to protect your seat in your preferred class and help minimize any financial loss.

    For all deposit and payment inquiries, please email james@iomb.net

    Cancelation and reschedule requests will only be considered via email. Please email james@iomb.net

    DEPOSITS: Due at the time of registration. Deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is received within 72 hours after processing your deposits. After this time, you will receive a 50% deposit refund when you cancel up to 6 weeks prior to the program start date. There are no refunds if a cancellation is made after 6 weeks prior to the program start date.

    SECOND PAYMENT:  Your 2nd payment (half of your remaining balance) is due 6 weeks prior to your class start date. This payment is non-refundable.

    FINAL PAYMENT: (Remainder of Your Balance) is due 2 weeks prior to your class start date. This payment is non-refundable. (If this payment is NOT received by the due date, you will be dropped from the course and your seat will be filled).



    If you have scheduled and paid in full for one of IOMB’s classes and are unable to attend on your scheduled date, you may reschedule (as long as it is more than 24 hours before your scheduled start date) for a different date. All reschedules are subject to availability.  (A RESCHEDULING FEE OF $150 WILL APPLY). There are no refunds to students who transfer/reschedule to another program. 

    NOTIFICATION TO IOMB LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED CLASS START DATE - Forfeit all monies paid.  If you would like to reschedule, the full course price will be applicable when you reschedule.

    NO NOTIFICATION TO IOMB: MISS YOUR PROGRAM START DATE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION TO IOMB – Forfeit all monies paid. If you would like to reschedule, the full course price will be applicable when you reschedule.

  • 20. Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes we do, please email info@iomb.net for our discount list. Please include the school you attend in your message to us. Thank you!

  • 21. Can I join the program after the start date?

    In some cases this is possible. The decision is based on matters like how many days you will miss, and/or the reason for late arrival, amongst other things. The IOMB Board Members reviews each case and has the final decision. If students are permitted to join a program after the program start date, the student is responsible for making up the work they missed. 

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