Step 1

The first step to achieving your best score for the residency of your choice.



Step 2

From Wards to Boards. Time to get your thoughts back to theory.



Step 3

Hang in there - it is the last one.


Step 2/Level 2: Program Offers

One of the biggest challenges Step 2 students face is switching from wards back to boards.

The way medicine is practiced is not always the way questions, that are also written by PhDs, are designed. You need a strategy, which is our Method©, that enables you to answer board questions using reasoning and critical thinking. It puts you in control of the questions and the questions stop controlling you. You will improve your efficiency at mastering USMLE (MD) and COMLEX (DO) style questions.

All our programs’ curriculums are designed by MDs, DOs, PhDs and Medical Education Learning Specialists. Our panel of experts collaborated to build a syllabus of high-yield content taught in a tactile-learning (no lectures) environment for long-term understanding of concepts.  It is this understanding (not memorizing) of content that assists students in the integration and reasoning that is required when answering correctly 300+ questions on exam day.

This program offers:

  • 35 years of experience – we are the original “Kansas City” program
  • Exclusive to our program, an Evidence-based Method© to answering Board questions correctly
  • Intense review of board-type questions to fine-tune your knowledge base and fully prepare you for your exam
  • For our Osteopathic students: OMM review with our OMM specialist
  • System Based Supplemental Instruction® (Our tactile classroom)
  • Individual sessions with Instructors
  • Individual study plan while in program
  • Progress monitoring
  • Detailed schedule and guidance on how to spend out of class time
  • Post-program individual study plan
  • UWorld subscription
  • Test stress workshops
  • World self-assessments
  • Weekly assessment exams
  • Multiple Full day Mock Board Exams
  • Individual analysis of your Mock Board results (based on our extensive 30-year research where students lose points on the exam – our analysis looks at many variables – not just your subject strengths and weaknesses.)
  • Unlimited use of study rooms
  • Small class size
  • Chair Massage
  • Individual sessions with our Stress and Test Anxiety coach
  • Wellness program
  • Fully flexible adapting to each student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • This program’s curriculum was built by MDs, DOs, PhDs and Medical Education Learning Specialists

The Fun Stuff: 

  • If you are celebrating your birthday during the program we will bring in a birthday cake
  • Tea and coffee, provided in classrooms (occasionally we bring cookies too)

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