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The first step to achieving your best score for the residency of your choice.



Step 2

From Wards to Boards. Time to get your thoughts back to theory.



Step 3

Hang in there - it is the last one.


History and Research

The philosophy behind the effectiveness of our work was established by Dr. Blanc when he came to an exceptionally profound insight as to why some students did not reach the top results that reflected their knowledge base. After detailed evaluation and an intensive study he realized that students’ failure to achieve their potential score was not based entirely on their knowledge bank. Rather, students did not know how to use comprehensive variables and then apply the knowledge they did have to arrive at an accurate answer when answering board questions.

The outcome of this founding had such positive results that we began to implement this strategy with our students. And the results have been outstanding.

To this day our program still holds that profound insight – what students need is our Method© which allows them to understand and integrate their knowledge more effectively when working multiple choice questions.

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