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The first step to achieving your best score for the residency of your choice.



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From Wards to Boards. Time to get your thoughts back to theory.



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Hang in there - it is the last one.


Our Strengths

The success of our program is having students in “test-mode” during our active learning style classroom. The only way to know if a person has the knowledge to answer a question is to ask/test them. Lecture based learning does not give the student, nor the Professor, the opportunity to assess if the student has the proper understanding of the concepts. Our daily schedule is designed to test students knowledge and to fill in gaps and correct any misunderstandings students may have.  

We target specific questions that 1) enable student to become proficient at answering questions effectively and 2) cover intense review of high yield topics typically asked on USMLE and COMLEX.

Furthermore, the strength of our work lies in identifying the unique learning style of each student. From day one we begin working with students to evaluate how they answer board-style questions and how they explain medical concepts.  These evaluations helps our instructors, together with the student, identify many variables that come into play when students  answer multiple-choice questions.

Once we have identified how each student comprehends, processes and integrates the information needed to correctly answer board-style questions, we work on improving students’ skills in order for them achieve higher scores on their examinations.

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