Welcome to the Original “Kansas City Program”. Our history spans over 35 years and we are exceptionally proud of our students reporting scores above the national average.

Integrate Knowledge with Board questions

Working with our Evidence-Based Method©, students learn how to integrate critical thinking and reasoning when working through MCQs. They improve their efficiency by recognizing the distractors in board questions and increase their scores.

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We replaced passive lecture with our higher order tactile and active-learning classroom. Students analyze fundamental concepts; fill in knowledge gaps and master high yield material.

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During individual sessions, we work with students to evaluate their responses to questions and identify why students are choosing incorrect answers (and how to choose the correct one).

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Meet with our OMT instructor to assess your OMM knowledge and work through OMM questions together. We also have a 4 block test of just OMM questions!

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Test anxiety plays a major role in board scores. During our stress management workshops, students learn to combat negative self-talk, and test anxiety, and to enhance concentration.

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About Our Method©

Our Evidence-Based strategy that assists students in utilizing their integration, reasoning skills, knowledge base, and logical thought process, when working through board-style questions.

We know you
know this

In order to achieve top board scores, we work with students to understand how they interpret board-style questions.

Working from the extremely effective model created in 1982 by Dr. Robert Blanc which was initially launched at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC), our faculty are proficient at helping students master the ability to answer board-style questions correctly, as well as improve study skills for long-term memory and understanding, which is essential for working on an eight or nine hour examination.

2300+ Uworld Questions

2300+ Uworld Questions

All Qbank questions for Step 1, 2 and 3 are covered during the program (yes, really!)

97% Pass Rate

97% Pass Rate


3 Full Mock Exams

It's an endurance test as much as it is a knowledge test - be prepared.

You Choose

On site. Skype, Or even on your campus - we have you covered.


Step 1

The first step to achieving your best score for the residency of your choice.



Step 2

From Wards to Boards. Time to get your thoughts back to theory.



Step 3

Hang in there - it is the last one.



The Method taught me how to access the analytical part of my mind and not just how to regurgitate facts.

Peter from NYC

With residency spots being so competitive I knew it was a good idea to take a board review program before taking Step 1, but I was really dreading sitting through more lectures. I was so happy to find The Institute for Medical Boards. Their cognitive learning styles helped me retain and understand a lot more information. It all paid off, I got a higher score than I even anticipated – 259 on USMLE.

I say this for all medical students, IMG, FMG and/or US med students. I struggled with my preparation for USMLE Step1. I really did everything that I could possibly do to get ready for this exam. I spent thousands of dollars and in the end, I failed my exam a couple of times. I was pretty close to giving up until I came across the Institute. I honestly was skeptical about it but after seeing and experiencing “the method”, I was very surprised. In just a span of a few weeks, my bank blocks went up 25% points. I couldn’t believe learning these techniques would prove to be the best investment I ever did in my medical career. With fervent dedication, I took the exam confidently and passed with no problems. I was extremely overjoyed. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing “224 Pass” on your score report. I can now concentrate on Step 2 knowing that being a physician is still in my future. Thank you Edwena and faculty. You are a gem to the medical community. If you feel like you have tried it all, you really haven’t.

I just wanted to thank everyone for providing the tools to prepare for the COMLEX level 2. I did take my exam and I am so happy to report that I passed my exam with a great score (I went up 230 points!) I think the program is a great program and after my previous failure I am so relieved, so happy and just simply elated. I was numb for a couple of days until it finally hit me that I in fact did pass. Without a doubt, the method does work. I will testify to that. So expect to see me for Step 3 review.

Just a quick note to let you know I made it into the Orthopedic Surgery Residency I hoped to. Thank you again for helping me achieve the scores I needed to accomplish this. I will always be grateful for all the moral support and the extra things you did to see the success in all of us.

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